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Sell ​​Promotional Umbrellas

UD. Istana Payung as a Promotional Umbrella Agent Company Selling Umbrella is the perfect promotion for your business, regardless of your opportunity or taste and personal budget. We believe quality branded umbrellas are the best way to market your brand in a cost-effective manner, and all our umbrellas are priced at competitive prices. Umbrella makes good promotional items, because it is practical and stylish. We sell our high quality promotional umbrellas for years, and create a fantastic impact compared to online advertising, where else is your brand displayed as a billboard that moves to your customers? Selling Promotional Umbrellas that can be displayed will be a trade promotion because they offer good branding potential, high perceived value and can be customized in various ways.

The most popular type of promotional umbrella is the company's golf umbrella - but that's not all we know. Our friendly team knows everything there is to know about walking umbrellas, storm resistant umbrellas, automatic umbrellas, women's umbrellas, telescopic umbrellas, branded umbrellas - the list continues. Whether you need high impact full color sublimation prints, or tasteful panel print umbrellas, our promotion team can arrange everything according to your specifications. UD. Umbrella Palace Selling stylish promotional umbrellas will promote your business and make your clients and staff look professional, whatever the weather might throw at you. Please contact our friendly team if you have questions about our various products or personalization techniques.

Here at UD. Istana Payung, we sell high quality promotional umbrellas that are perfect for your next event, marketing campaign, or a series of staff prizes. Umbrella is a very functional product that can be used to protect users from rain or to protect them from the sun. Useful for every season of the year, the umbrella is also a product that can be used for a long time before needing to be replaced. Selling Promotional Umbrellas Our various umbrellas come customized with your unique logo printed on them and in various shapes and sizes, including large umbrellas, small folding umbrellas, and every medium sized umbrella between them